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"Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big." 
- Peter Diamandis


the white space is a place for all creatives to create work limited only by your own imagination. With a spacious studio floor bathed in natural light, it serves to support your creative endeavours. In addition, there is a unique open-air roof top area and a dark room for you to explore even more. Aside from the natural light, professional photography equipment is available to support your project. With a variety of props and decor for you to bring life to the space in any way you want, you'll find new ways to make use of this space even if you have been here before.

the white space also serves as an event space for cosy workshops or for exclusive launches. It can fit up to 30 people comfortably with seating provided.
It is in the perfect location, along Keong Saik Road, convenient for anyone coming from all ends of Singapore.
the white space caters to both established and up-and-coming businesses and individuals from all industries. 
If you're organising an event for a good cause, do hit us up with your ideas as we love to support causes that benefit the community.

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